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Truck Repair in St. Jordan

Welcome to Commercial Truck Repair company offering mobile repairs to heavy truck, trailer, coach, equipment, marine and much more!!
Serving the Fort Erie Region. We provide server for ALL makes and models.

Long weeks on the toad, sure Break Down for your Truck! Commercial Truck Repair specialists ill treat it as their own!

We are offering mobile repair and emergency road service for heavy truck, trailer, coach and equipment!

We take pride in doing quality work on customers’ vehicles. come in and talk to us or give us a call for more details today.

In an effort to ensure that we are capable of diagnosing any problem, we are constantly updating our diagnostic equipment. We are now capable of diagnosing all vehicles with Anti-Lock Brake Systems, New and Late Model Macks, Caterpillar Engines and Caterpillar ACERT Systems, Mercedes Benz, International Harverster, Detroit Diesel and Cummins.

 we know the smooth, dependable flow of power, from engine to driveline components, is crucial for every mile you drive. That’s why our driveline specialists will always go the extra mile to provide the right solutions, quickly and reliably.

We carry an extensive inventory of new driveline parts and components for your on- or off-highway vehicles. From light-, medium- and heavy-duty trucks to farm equipment and RVs, we have the assemblies, units and driveline parts to cover all applications.

What are the symptoms of a failing driveline? They can include any of the following:

  • Turning difficulty – can be a sign of bad u-joints
  • Intense vibrations under the vehicle – can be caused by bad bearings, couplers or u-joints
  • Loud clunking noise when shifting – can be the result of a bad u-joint
  • Shuddering when the vehicle accelerates – can be caused by worn out carrier bearing or failing u-joint
  • Noisy knocking clicking sound – can be caused by a bad CV joint
  • Low speed squeaking noise – can be u-joint related

If you experience any of these symptoms, contact Inland today to get the problem properly diagnosed and repaired.