Boost (Hot Start System) Services

Hotstart has been in the business of providing thermal management solutions for engine heating. Our team uses their knowledge and expertise to analyze, test and validate your engine heating system, ensuring all requirements are met before being deployed in the field.

Designing and building proven engine heating solutions is just the start. Partner with Hotstart to ensure trouble-free heating over the entire lifetime of the system. To develop and maintain optimal heater installation practices , we offer customized training sessions for dealers, distributors, packagers and manufacturers — offered online for when it best fits your schedule or onsite at your location to maximize time with your teams. 

Commercial Truck Repair

boost controller is a device to control the boost level produced in the intake manifold of a … One primary problem of this system is the wastegate will start to open well before the actual desired boost pressure is achieved. … At partial throttle, full boost may still be reached, making the vehicle difficult to control with precision.